AGNUS DEI (1999 - 2006)

Gerald Krampl (piano & keyboards):   Born 1954, in his youth classical piano education, founder of the Austrian prog rock bands "Kyrie Eleison" ('74 - '79) and "Indigo" ('82 - '93). Since '98 again musically again active with meditative, classical inspired piano music. Also active with Reiki (master/teacher), Bach Blossoms, and several forms of meditation.

Hilde Krampl (poetry) 1956 - 2002:   Since childhood days a mass readerin who soon fell in love with the lyric and poetry of Hermann Hesse, Erich Fried, Heinrich Böll, etc. '87 - '93 writing lots of own poems, and since '98 deeply engaged in Reiki, Huna, meditations, stones and blossoms. Took a new lyrical start in '01 by taking a fresh look upon esoteric themes in her own fantastic way, and with this creating frames for Gerald's music. Hilde sadly dies of cancer soon after the release of their first CDs. 

The Music:   Classically inspired, romantic New Age piano music with keyboards orchestration (on the all instrumental Audio CDs), acompanied by an esoteric/spiritual poetry in the enclosed booklets invite to gently relaxing "meditative journeys for the mind". All sets contain one Audio CD plus enclosed an extensive additional bilingual (german / english) poetry booklet, and are New Age concept albums building the series "Music & Poetry", well suited for meditative, therapeutic means as well as just for dreaming and relaxing. Often compared to the works of David Lanz, Michael Hoppe, Rick Wakeman, Kitaro, Peter Kater, etc. 

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